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About Mantra

Saudi company established on 2009 with a new understanding that serves those who care about their health and body comfort under very high international standards and specialized different competencies to offer a unique side for all Mantra’s customers.

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"We Care About Your Comfort"

Mantra Services

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Swedish massage

Comfortable massage works on stimulating the blood circulation and removing stress and tension to give back the health and activity

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Aromatherapy Massage

An Indian massage therapy that includes the use of natural oil to calm and clear the mind, treats depression and provides a beautiful body aroma

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Reflexology Massage

To focus on the center of nerves in the feet, hands and ears. It is specific to those who spend long times standing to stimulate the sensory nerves’ motion from the brain to the toes

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Moroccan hammam with natural Moroccan herbal

A mixture of natural herbs from the mountains of Morocco (briars, the earring, hyacinth, and basil) which are used after natural Moroccan soap where they are mixed with lye and placed on the body after they dry. They open the pores to make the body smell of oil and perfume.

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Oil Bath

It occurs after cleaning the body with the pure Moroccan soap, removing the dead cells and odor producing fat from the body. The body is covered with the Moroccan oil and then the person stays in the steam room for about 5 to 10 minutes. After that, the body is scrubbed with a special soap to give the skin its vitality and softness to improve the skin immunity and open pores

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Moroccan hammam with pure soup

Municipal Moroccan soap: Original substance that is extracted from herbs and wild olive mixture where the whole body is oiled with the municipal soap after five minutes sitting in the steam roam. Benefits and feature of the soap are removal of toxic fat from the skin that is the source of body odor and reduces harmful body discharge

Additional services

Bath Services

Golden Bath
Pearl Bath
Cleopatra Bath
Amber Crystal Bath
Tradition Moroccan Bath
Royal Moroccan Bath
Grape Nectar for Radiance
Royal Hammam with Enzyme
Ocean Bath Crystal
Thalaso Oligo

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Face Services

Infinite Gentleness
Thalion Eye Lift Expert
Thalion Acne Control
Collagen Fleece Mask
Thalion Extreme Purity
Radiance C Mask
Oxygen Radiance Mask
Collagen Caviar Fleece Mask
Mask Vit A, C and E
Thalion Beauty Enhancer Express

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Body Services

Lasting Softness
The Revitalizing Atlantic Dive
The Relaxing Polynesian Journey
The Energizing Amazonian Escapade
Chocolate Line
Mud Body Mask
Body Detox Ritual
Marine Double Slimming
Anti-Ageing Odyssey

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Our Mission

Our mission can take less than 45 minutes, which may lead to decreases in cytokines, which cause interference in the metabolic system in the body, and thus lower the symptoms of allergies and give a boost to the white blood cells to fight infections in the body.

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Our Vision

Do you want to relax?
Welcome to Mantra’s world that is filled with care and attention to the body through our field and miscellaneous services and which we seek our main vision that is to take care of you

benefits of massage

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The psychological benefits of massage

- Reduces anxiety levels.
- Helps to relieve stress.
- Adopt a sense of well-being.
- Enhances the ability to think creatively and calm.
- Enhances the increase in focus

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Physical benefits of massage therapy

- Relieves stress and muscle tension
- Increased flexibility in the body and regulate sensation.
- Reduces blood pressure
- Improve blood circulation in the body
- Helps remove headaches related tension

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